Bootable USB to Flash IT Mode for LSI SAS 9211-8i and 9200-8e Controllers

I have created a FreeDOS 1.1 bootable USB that allows you to flash IT mode for LSI SAS 92100-8i and 9200-8e controllers.

To use it, download the lsifw.img archive, unpack it and flash to your USB. Then flash the controller using the LSI\SAS\9211_8i\flash.bat file or the LSI\SAS\9200_8e\flash.bat file.


File Size Sum Unpack Command
lsifw.tar.bz2 29M 55925 29689 tar jxf lsifw.tar.bz2 34M 42642 34190 unzip lsifw.tar.bz2

On linux you can flash it to your USB using this command:
    dd if=lsifw.img of=/dev/ bs=1M.

I used it to flash the SAS/SATA controller on a Dell PowerEdge R610 that is used as the head server for a ZFS filer that I am building with a colleague because I wanted to upgrade to a newer version of the firmware.

The flash.bat script assumes that the sasaddhi address is 500605B so before executing it, run sas2flsh -o -listsasadd as specified in the readme.txt file. If the address is different, edit the flash.bat file and insert the new address.

Here is what the flash.bat file looks like for the 9211-8i controller:

Here are the basic steps.

1 Initial USB Boot Screen

Choose option 4: “Load FreeDOS without drivers”.

2 Chdir to the C:\LSI\SAS\9211_8i Directory

Or the 9200_8e directory if that is your controller type.


Run the sas2flsh -o listsasadd or see the readme.txt file for more options. If the address is different, then edit the flash.bat file.

3.1 Run the Editor

Run the editor:

3.2 Edit the flash.bat File

Edit the file.

4 Run flash.bat

It will take a few minutes for the script complete. For the 9 low order address bits I usually choose 000000001.

5 Screen Shot of the SAS/SATA Controller Card

Here is a screen shot of the controller card.

6 Screen Shot of the Updated Config Utility

Note that at the top the version is v7.23.01.00 (2011.11.17). The 2011.11.17 shows that the firmware is updated.

7 Screen Shot of the Controller Topology

This is a shot of the controller topology which shows the disks in the JBOD.

6 thoughts on “Bootable USB to Flash IT Mode for LSI SAS 9211-8i and 9200-8e Controllers”

  1. Would you happen to know why I would receive the error “Failed to initialize PAL. Exiting program” when I run the command to determine my sasaddhi?

  2. Hi Joe,

    Downloaded yesterday.  Winzip does not recognize the image file so I could pick and choose which files to use.  Additionally, NERO burning rom burned a disk, and even though it completed successfully, there was nothing on the disk

    Maybe you could look into the original files to see if they are still valid.


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